Transplanted hair do grow to long length and no special maintenance is needed in long run

transplanted hair do grow to long length and no special maintenance is needed in long run.You are an ideal candidate for hair transplant who can get its benefit and get a new look and head full of hair adding to your beauty.

Health is wealth, well defined by food habits, isn’t it? You must be thinking, how food is related with Hair Transplantation. Deficiency of vitamin E, results in thin hair, falling and dandruff of hair, which is one of the major causes for hair transplantation. With age, people start losing their hair from the crown region or frontal part, which may appear embarrassing affect the personality of a human being, making them feel inferior. Many men and women are undertaking this hair restoration surgery, just like another cosmetic one, to enhance their physical appearance. More than 90% of people think that option for hair transplantation is better which isn’t usually in either case.

Only few women type a specific type of hair loss which makes them suitable candidates for Hair Transplantation. Many women have diffused loss of hair, overall hair thinning of head, including back and sides which act as donor sites for men. These are the portions from which hair is mainly removed and transplantation proceeds to other head areas. In males, the donor portions are known as stable sites, that mean the follicles and hair in such areas are affected by DHT (dihydro testosterone). This shrinks hair follicles of the head. It is the situation with alopecia, i.e commonly known as baldness in males.
Whereas, if the female baldness pattern is considered then thinning of hairs are due to deficiency of calcium, vitamins contribute for hair transplantation. Many women want to look great and enjoy a completely transformed look which is possible with cosmetic hair treatments. These are painless procedure, that don’t consume much time and guarantee effective results for a long time. Women opting for the procedure have dead hair follicles, crown area problems and much more due to which this treatment helps them gain back healthy, long and lustrous hair. There are female donors available, but a doctor has to make sure that donor isn’t unstable which may be potentially unethical and trying to reap economic advantage of patient.

All hairs only grow for a certain number of years, usually around four to six, to a terminal length, whether cut or not cut, and then fall out and are replaced by a fresh hair. The difference is that when a person experiences androgenic alopecia, the replacement hairs grow progressively thinner and to progressively shorter terminal lengths until they resemble fine nearly invisible villus hairs.
Transplanted hair grows as it would grow in the area it was originally located. In other words, if the hair was originally located on the back or sides of the head and is genetically programmed not to thin due to male pattern baldness, it will not thin when harvested from the original location, whether by the older strip extraction surgery or the newer FUE( funicular unit extraction) technique, and transplanted to the top of the head in an area where the original hair thinned to the point of resembling fine, nearly invisible vellus hair due to the way it was genetically programmed by inherited DNA to grow over time.


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