Transplant hair would grow an be normal as long as it roots properly.

Transplant hair would grow an be normal as long as it roots properly. Think of it like a plant, they’re easy to pull out when they’re young but after they establish a strong root system it’s difficult
There’s going to be a thin scar along the back of your scape, from around ear to ear. It will be well hidden by the remaining hair back there.

It replaces hair loss, and the hairs are transplanted from areas where hair rarely falls out, to places where it does. Once in it’s new location, the “new” hairs are likely to not fall out because they don’t have the genetic susceptibility for that like the hairs they are replacing.

If you are putting hairs into a thin area, the transplant itself will not prevent the loss of any of those original hairs. Transplant surgeons will suggest the use of Rogaine, Propecia and other hygienic and dietary habits to reduce hair loss.

For lowering your hairline and filling in the peak a bit, they usually suggest 1,500 to 2,500 micro-plugs. Probably over half of those have multiple hairs, 2 to 3 each. Costs range, but roughly $4.00 per plug transplanted is around the going rate.

I used to know how many follicles per square inch constitute a “full” head of hair. A transplant is not going to get you there, especially if you are working from a bald pate. But if you are partially bald, receding hairline, that sort of thing, it’s well worth looking into.

Shop around to find a surgeon you’re comfortable with. As I understand, there is no governing board for this particular surgical practice, and there are some quacks out there.

Most of them arrange appointments for actual visits to meet the doctor, and also the people who will be doing the actual work. In most cases the doctor removes the donor strip, and then assorted technicians harvest the hair from it. After that the doctor starts off with the initial transplants to establish a pattern, but then technicians come on board and finish the job. So be wary.

Finally, the initial transplanted hairs tend to fall out with a month or so.Everyone of your hairs is on a cycles…grows…dies…falls out…grows back. We don’t normally notice it because we have so many hair that losing 20 or 30 a week seems inconsequential. But your hair transplants tend to get shocked into the dieing and falling out state as a result of the transplant; thus you have a bunch of transplanted hair falling out. But after a period of 4 to 12 months, it grows back in; and if you’ve had a good operation and staff, you litterally cannot tell if it was transplanted or not.

Procedure: The main difference between hair restoration and a transplant is the method in which hair is replaced. Procedures in which hair is encouraged to grow on its own through medication and therapy are referred to as hair restoration, and a transplant is when new hair follicles are implanted into the patient’s scalp.

Most centers charge patient by the grafts, pricing for per graft may cost you around $3 to $7, and I think this is a big mistake. Charging by per session is more preferable because they plant more than 1,500 grafts in a session.


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