Techniques to prevent from hair damage

Many people suffer from the hair damage and the hair damage can be avoid by proper maintaining of the hair with the solution or trimming the hair or using the quality of products. Solution of transplant hair is:

Shampoo – You can prevent the hair damage by using the shampoo which is prefect to your hair type because some hair may not suitable for some type of hair so prefer the shampoo which satisfy your hair problem.

Tools – there are some tools of curling or straighten of hair or some hair drier machine for the wet hairs where you must avoid using these tools because it produce excess of heat to the hair and hair may get breaks due to the heat avoid using the tools for the hair often.

Conditioners – you can use the conditioner after showering your hair and some creams are available for the hair conditioning which helps to grow your hair strong and it reduce the protein loss and also gives some shinning to the hair.

Showering and comb your hair – avoids showering your hair frequently and uses the comb which can be gently used in the hair for style and avoid brushing your hair in wet.


Trimming and cutting – if your want to prevent from the hair damage then you have to trim your hair or cut the hair at least 2 months once which helps in preventing from the hair loss or hair damage and treat the hair with proper condition which helps in repair the hair.   


Detecting hair damage – to avoid the hair damage you must detect that the hair gets dry or dull because the dry and dull hair gets damaged easily so you have to the treatment process for the hair to prevent from hair damage. To heal the dry and dullness of the hair there are some treatments are available such as good shampoo with conditioner and healthy food items gives you better hair.

Chemicals and hair colors – the hair may get damaged due to due to some chemicals or hair coloring products or due to some stress given to the damaged hair. Using some permanent waving or straightening tools may gives damage to the hair and some temporary hair color or hair styling may get damage to the hair often which arise the problem for the hair health.   

There are some more tricks are available to fix the hair damage and prevent from the hair damage and promotes the hair to healthy grow and avoid using excess of chemical products. Some fruits and vegetables give strength to the hair and prevent from the hair problems gives better growth to hair. If you maintain your body with proper health it helps in protecting the hair growth so you must eat healthy vegetables and fruits which contain lot of vitamins and nutrients which is needed for the health. You must protect the hair from pollution or sun which helps to prevent from hair damage.


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