Methods to restore the damaged hair

Generally, people do bleaching, blowing or coloring their hair often whenever they need but they don’t know transplant hair  and these are the main cause of hair damage where this process let your hair gets dry and gets the hair break easily or split ends may occur. If your hair gets damaged then you have the chance to restore the damaged hair by several methods which helps you to promote the hair growth. Many people treat their hair by strip the hair with the natural oil but if you use products of hair dye like henna or tea which helps to restore the hair damage instead of using chemical products.  Bleaching of hair is not good because it breaks the hair due to the damage in the shaft and avoids using the harsh treatment for the hair. After you finished showering you must handle the hair gently with the towel to dry your hair and avoid scrubbing the hair roughly and you must handle the hair more carefully like a smooth fabric. You must use the shampoo only twice the week not more than that because if you apply oil and it must travel to the root of the hair to make the protection to the root hair from the damage. If you rinse your hair very few times then hair will grows very shine and healthy and after the shower you must dry your hair naturally instead of using the hair dry tools. If you want to fix your damaged hair then you must avoid heating the hair or ironing the hair and let the hair to dry in the air which gives you natural look and heal the hair damage problem.  


Tips and tricks to prevent from hair damage

If most of the people suffer from hair damage problem then you need a solution for transplant hair then here some tips are available to reduce the hair damage and prevent from the hair damage. The tips for restoring the hair damage are:

  • Detecting the hair condition early will helps to prevent from the hair damage.
  • Proper trimming of hair helps in restring the damaged hair.
  • Avoid using the chemical products where the excess of chemicals will leads to hair damage
  • Using tools for styling the hair have the chance to get damage to the hair
  • Proper shampoo with good conditioner is good for preventing the hair damage.
  • Prepare the necessary remedy or hair care treatment to prevent the hair from the damage.   
  • Some products like gel or spray used for preventing  from the damage
  • Yu must take care f your health to prevent the hair damage
  • Cover the hair with the scarf which helps to prevent the hair damage from sun or pool.


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