If you are looking for thickness as well as a broad base coverage hair transplant surgery may not be your best route.

If you are looking for thickness as well as a broad base coverage hair transplant surgery may not be your best route. Hair restoration surgery may be a better alternative. Whats the difference? The hair follicles used in hair restoration surgery are genetically programmed to be more resistant to shedding and balding! The doctor will graft the hair and put more dense follicles behind the hairline to give it a more dense look and feel.

Hair thickness is another matter, which should be paid attention to, in hair transplantation. For instance; hair thickness totally depends on the surgeon and medical team who attends to hair transplantation and having a thick hair is not the important matter. This is a situation which is based on the person and the aesthetic appearance.
Hair restoration is a non surgical method to restore hair which involves treatment with medicines and various therapies, whereas Hair transplant is a surgical process in which hair are taken from back side of head and implanted, resulting into a new hair growth.
Regaine works against male pattern baldness, it’s currently the cheapest option. Hair transplants are only recommended for complete baldness because when the “real” hair grows or falls out it can result in patchiness which looks worse than baldness.

Hair tattooing – which is when your scalp is stippled with tens of thousands of tiny dots to give the illusion of a shaved head – looks completely convincing but it’s very expensive.
A rough and ready answer is this. Prices? it will depend on the country that you are in. To give you an idea. (I do not want to mention the countries) In one country a surgeon will charge almost 10 dollars per hair follicle. In another country sometimes the same surgeon will charge 5 dollars per hair follicle. The key word is Restoration. Your hair can be restored without surgical procedure. provided that the hair follicles are not dead (wrong word but it is a rough and ready answer)
If all the hair follicles are dead. there is no way a surgeon will perform a hair transplant.
Procedure? I give you an analogy so you can picture how the transplant is done.
The word Transplant brings an image of transplanting little plants from one place to another, is not it?
You will notice that some men go bald on the top but they have plenty hair on the sides of the head.
Well. the surgeon will transplant some of those hair to other areas on the head where there is a bald patch. the hair after a couple of weeks will die. But the hair follicle will survive and it will generate a new hair growth..
If you watch someone who has plenty hair on their head, you will notice that the hair has some sort of direction or angle. Well the surgeon will implant the hair follicle at different angles on the hair to give an almost natural look.

Cost of  transplant hair is actually depends upon level of baldness, kind of hair density required, number of grafts required, hair transplant technique, clinic etc.

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